Committed to social development
, sustainable economy and the environment

Our Responsibility

At Sacoel we understand that our activity must be responsible, respectful and sustainable.

Our responsibility includes complying with national and international laws and the Global Compact in the areas of social, labor, environmental and human rights. But we do not stop there; we also take voluntary action to improve the quality of life of our employees, the communities in which we operate and society.

We work to ensure that our activities benefit the lives of people and society, now and in the future.

We contribute to the fight against the climate emergency by improving specific environmental aspects, such as the efficiency of our energy consumption, and we are concerned about the management and minimization of our waste, including a more conscious use and consumption of water. And not only do we apply it to ourselves, from our position, we try to ensure that our collaborators do the same, trying to minimize our possible negative impacts and maximize the positive ones.

Code of Conduct & Ethics

As part of our commitment to the values of integrity, excellence, and respect for people, we have developed a behavior and ethics program that promotes respectful behavior and sustainable development daily.

A policy that provides the basis for fair, ethical and respectful behavior in our activities and relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, and other collaborators.

This document expresses our values, the expected behavior of the organization and our commitment to these values.

The purpose of this document, as an ethical commitment that includes the basic principles for the development of business activities in accordance with current legislation, is to regulate the actions of all members of the company and employees in the performance of their duties, thus establishing uniform behavior and responsible decision-making.

This Code is mandatory for all persons associated with Sacoel, regardless of their employment relationship, their position, or the geographical area in which they carry out their work, provided that the nature of their relationship so permits.

In particular, the conduct of Sacoel’s employees must always comply with this Code and must be communicated to all members of the organisation, external collaborators and other stakeholders through the channels established for this purpose.

Knowledge and acceptance

A document of acceptance and acknowledgement of delivery and receipt of this document is available.

Employees and external collaborators who receive this document will sign a statement of responsibility as a commitment to comply with this document.

By signing this document, they confirm that they have read and understood it in its entirety and are therefore aware of the obligations, prohibitions and guidelines contained therein.

Declare that:

  • In the exercise of his professional responsibilities, he acts in a manner aligned with this Code and complies with its provisions.

  • Knows that Sacoel has established an Ethical Channel for the communication and/or reporting of non-compliance and that he/she is obliged to communicate the same through said channel.

  • Will collaborate in the establishment of a culture of compliance, set an example and encourage the channeling and resolution of doubts about this Code.

These guidelines facilitate the knowledge and application of the corporate culture, based on human and social rights, as well as the integration of the entire group of employees in the company, always respecting their diversity.

The guidelines of conduct contained in this Code are:

  • All Sacoel’s activities shall seek to be respectful of the environment and the sustainable management of natural resources.

  • Legality and ethical values will be respected.

  • Zero tolerance for bribery and corruption.

  • Prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.

  • Respect for free competition and good market practices.

  • Avoidance of any conflict of interest.

  • Application of the utmost rigor, transparency, and reliability in our management.

  • Protection of the company’s reputation and image.

  • Efficiency in the use of the company’s means and assets.

  • Always protecting intellectual property and confidentiality.

  • Clients are at the center of our activity.

  • The health and safety of people is our priority.

  • Promote fair treatment and diversity.

  • Maintain our commitment to our environment.

  • Maintain a transparent relationship with the community.

The principle of criminal liability is accepted, and we reject the existence of behaviors affecting the company observed by legal representatives, administrators, and employees in any field of action.

Our priority is to respect human dignity and fundamental rights.

All employees of our organization and external collaborators must support this commitment and carry out their professional activities with the utmost respect for human rights and public freedoms.

Respect for applicable laws and company rules, as well as honesty in daily conduct, must be a constant for all employees, managers, and external collaborators.

Principles have been established for the prevention, detection, and eradication of any irregular conduct, analyzing, and defining responsibilities.

The constant monitoring of commercial and financial operations, imports and exports with sanctioned countries, entities and individuals must be subject to extreme vigilance. And, above all, those so-called dual-use products, such as software, components, and other so-called technological products, which may be destined for military and nuclear use.

An Ethics Channel has been set up to report, anonymously and with immediate effect, any activity or behavior that could be contrary to our Code of Conduct.

No employee of Sacoel will be subject to social discrimination (race, sex, religion, and others) and any form of harassment, physical, sexual, psychological abuse, etc. that could be generated in the development of its activity is prohibited.

Working hours and salaries shall always comply with current legislation.

All Sacoel employees work in a safe and hygienic environment. All our facilities meet the conditions of hygiene, habitability, and safety to ensure optimal working conditions, as well as for the storage and preservation of products.

The company has a system of occupational risk prevention and adequate training to avoid risk situations.

Sacoel’s employees may perform other work activities outside their working hours, if they do not involve a reduction in the development of their functions and activities covered by their contract. Nor may they carry out activities that are in competition with those of the company itself.

Sacoel acts on the market in a transparent and honest manner, without engaging in misleading, fraudulent or malicious practices.

Employees and external collaborators seek the necessary information on the market without using illegal channels and without infringing data protection regulations.

Sacoel forbids its employees and subcontractors to use information obtained from a competing company or from any other source, in breach of confidentiality.

Any false information from competitors will be always avoided and will not be disseminated under any circumstances.

Employees shall always avoid commercial operations and collections from companies coming from tax havens and those that do not allow the companies and their owners to be properly identified.

Training will be continuous for employees, and if necessary for third parties related to the company, formalizing procedures and channels for reporting irregularities detected.

Sacoel’s employees and external collaborators will use the company’s goods and services appropriately and efficiently, without using them for their own benefit or misusing them. The rational use of resources and the avoidance of waste is an obligation.

Under no circumstances shall they use computer equipment to install or download programs, applications or any other illegal use that could expose such equipment to contamination and jeopardize the Company’s reputation or block its activities.

Conflicts of interest

Sacoel employees must always avoid any situation of conflict of interest arising from the development of their activities.

No employee may use his or her position in the company for personal gain.

No employee may provide services to collaborate with or advise another competing company without the authorization of management.

In the event of personal or family conflicts, no employee or external collaborator may compromise or associate Sacoel with them, except with the express authorization of the Management.

All potentially conflicting situations must be brought to the attention of the Management immediately.

Our supplier selection process provides us with the necessary flexibility to meet our customers’ expectations.

All our suppliers have been assessed and meet the standards set out in our Quality Manual and associated procedures.

All our supplies meet and comply with environmental, social and health standards, offering the highest safety standards.

Our suppliers and manufacturers, both national and international, are aware of our principles for responsible and sustainable sourcing.

Our products meet the required quality standards and comply with their technical data sheets, as well as international standards.

Our suppliers are required to comply with our Code on the protection of human rights, international labor standards, health, environment, and product safety.

Products are always aligned with the latest technologies and come with adequate technical support.

We can ensure the functionality and environmental compliance of our supplied products through efficient control.

The supplied products must not contain any materials that are harmful to health or prohibited by current legislation.

The transport used meets all legal requirements for environmental protection, regulations, and occupational hazards.

Sacoel will always comply with the European Data Protection Regulation in force.

The entire organization is bound to respect intellectual and industrial property.

The use of the organization’s resources by any member or external collaborator is prohibited without the owner’s consent and management’s authorization.

at Sacoel, All staff members and external collaborators are dedicated to adhering to this standard.


Through policies, regulations, and procedures (PREVENTION, MANAGEMENT AND SYSTEMS POLICIES), the risk of non-compliance with obligations and the code of conduct and ethics is detected and managed:

Ethical channel

If you believe that in the development of business activities we have not complied with the regulations, or even not lived up to our own values, let us know by contacting us through Sacoel's Whistle-blower Channel.

This tool allows you to report, in a confidential manner, any allegedly irregular activities and conduct that may involve a breach of Sacoel's Code of Conduct and Ethics and/or the possible commission of a crime.

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