We are the perfect match
between humans and technology

We believe in technology as the future and in people as the centre of that future.

The most important thing for us is the relationship with our customers, to create agile and trusting relationships. We always look for the best solution. Our expertise and know-how gives us access to exclusive information and a global network of contacts, which is key to offering the latest generation of alternatives and components.

How Sacoel was born

It all began in 1986, with the enthusiasm and determination of a technology-loving

At a time when technology and technology distributors were expanding, we launched our product with the aim of offering competitive solutions. From the beginning, we have differentiated ourselves by not only distributing, but also supporting and advising our customers to help them grow with their projects. Our success has always been linked to the success of our customers.

Over the years, the team grew and became more specialized, building an extensive network of contacts around the world. A dedicated and passionate team, struggling to find a place in an increasingly competitive market.

Not only did we do it, but the experience positioned us as a company of trust, a company that manufacturers and engineers alike wanted to work with - and what pride!

And we still are. We are still a great team, not great in quantity, but great in quality. With the same passion and commitment as in the beginning, always offering the best electronic components on the market. Our maxims are teamwork and the relationship with our customers: a very technological company, but very human!

What we believe in

We are more than technology; we are a great team!
And that is what makes us different.


We are passionate about technology and are constantly looking for new products and the best components for each project. We work with the best manufacturers to always offer you the best solution, we are not satisfied with just receiving your order, we advise you to get the most competitive solution.


Our aim is to be part of your team, with the commitment that your product is our product. We believe that long-term relationships deliver the best results and that is why we get involved in every project. Our maxim is to create lasting relationships and that would not be possible without trust.


We know that finding solutions to the most complex challenges in a globalised world is important. That's why we never take no for an answer. Our solutions are perfectly tailored to your needs.


It sounds typical, but in our case it really is. We know how important it is to know the reality when the production needs a specific component, that's why we are always in contact with you and tell you things in an honest and transparent way, always putting ourselves in your shoes and rowing in your favor. Only by being honest can we be efficient.

Who we are

We are as diverse as the components we offer, but we are
passionate about delivering the best quality.

Join us to continue building a technological future.

The opinion of our customers is our greatest pride and the best guarantee of quality we can offer.

Kitting solution

"Sacoel manages all the material for the equipment I want to manufacture, coordinates all the suppliers for me and unifies the internal bureaucracy. We have drastically reduced production start-up times and now have an agreed date for receiving all the material. We only order one line and Sacoel takes care of everything".

Logistics Agent

"Sacoel is able to deliver daily to our production line the products that we order the day before or even hours before, in our recyclable packaging and maintaining a level of safety stock that guarantees us not to stop our production".

Import solution

"Sacoel analysed our BOM, identified weaknesses due to possible obsolescence, long delivery times or out-of-market prices, and searched for and analyzed possible alternatives, offering manufacturers their own or new line cards. It was easy to validate each alternative reference with them and the price difference they achieved more than justified the approvals. Our product is now more competitive and meets the quality requirements set by management and the market".

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